Frequently Asked Questions

For Finders

How this system works?

ED works in two ways. Firstly, we check across 600+ websites regularly to find remote jobs and projects so you don’t have to waste your time. The links will take you to those websites own pages where you can contact clients.

On other way, we also encourage companies across world to post their requirement by opening their account. Unlike any other platform, we let them post the job for free so that they post at maximum which will be beneficial for our paid users.

For whom this system is for?

We intended to make this system for all freelancers in the world but right now we are focusing on only 3 categories that is designers, developers and writers. In future we will add up more categories.

Do I have to pay anything besides the monthly fee?

Not a single dime, we don’t charge any kind of project fees or percentage on the projects. We know the pain of giving up of entire portion. That’s why besides the monthly fees there isn’t any charge. Enjoy mailing.

Do I have to upload my portfolio again?

Its very tedious task to upload portfolio each and every site you visit. That’s why we decided not to go with that. When you apply from job posted by clients on ED, you will be facilitate to whether or not to share your portfolio link.

How it is useful for me?

Well, we made the tool that saves immense amount of time that you spend searching jobs that matters, everyday so you can be relax and focus on work. Plus, we are not that typical bidding site that encourage competition and takes valuable portion of your income.

Can I communicate with client outside ED?

Of course, in fact we wanted you guys to take your conversation outside our system and deal with clients on your own communication channel. That’s why we send your email address along with whey you apply for job posted by clients on ED.

Can me and my friends use the same account to find project?

Only single user per account that is why we charge ever less than subway foot longs, for a month.

Is it any limit to apply on no of jobs?

Right now that is no limit posting jobs but too stop spamming we may put limit in future if something will go wrong.

For Seekers

How this system works?

ED will let you post job or project requirements from our system. Paid user will directly apply to that job - you will be notified with their message, email and portfolio link (if user allows).

For whom this system is for?

This system is for every companies, agencies or individual who wants to get their work done from designers, developers and writers across the world.

Do I have to pay anything?

Not at all, unlike other job boards we won’t charge anything to our seekers so you can be relax and only focus on finding good candidates.

Do I have to reveal our business identity?

Your identity will be anonymous unless you specified in your job.

How it is useful for me?

Using this tool you can find suitable candidates for your projects or your company. Unlike another platforms we don’t have free users so you will get only serious workers and no spammers.

Can I communicate with client outside ED?

Definitely, you can make contact with users outside our system that’s why we sent email address of user along with their messages when they apply the job posted by you.

Is it any limit to post on no of jobs?

Well, there is no limits for seekers. You can post as much as jobs as you want from your profile.

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