It's About You

If you're the kind of person who wants to do business with pride & dignity, where you can find every opportunity equal and everybody gets the same chance, without any bid wars, boy do we have a product for you.

Employ Digital or more known as ED, is the platform for the remote and freelance job/work/project finders and remote talent seekers. It provides the vast opportunities to finders to find remote and freelance work easily on the internet rather than getting dirty into bidding war on other marketplaces. Our own talented team finds and searches jobs/client leads over the internet daily to get maximum work to the finder.

The Problem

There are many ways you can find new work on the internet like bidding sites, freelance marketplaces, word of mouth, and Request For Proposal. But these bidding sites are unpredictable gambling and often don't give you the freedom and flexibility to manage your own clients and taking 20% commission on projects just isn't feasible that unnecessarily increase the rates which ultimately burdens on the client and often a loss of the client. Word of mouth is clearly the good way to grow your client base, but its hard when you work at remote place where no one to listen, and hard to scale. RFP's are usually used by very big giants and only the companies which can write the best proposal or know the right people gets the deal.

An Idea

An idea was born when one of our intern, Max, was struggling to find side work from the online marketplaces. Problem was, despite consistantly applying, the opportunities he was getting was not consistent. He asked us for advice and we took the initiative. We, at ITcutives Lab, began to work on the ED as an experimental stage at that moment. It wasn't meant for commercial use but we soon realized that so many people like Max, are struggling to find work and not getting proper guidance on how to start the career. That's why we released it publically for benefits to the community. But we decided to operate on minimum cost so that fees can be as low as to cover up the server and other technical costs.

We wanted to build an easy, clutter free interface with only remote and freelance jobs listing that reduces the immnese amount of time of users. Not only it helps to find work but also helps increase productivity. In self-employed worker's life, there are so many roles to take part - we have somehow tried to make some essential tasks easier.

Plus we have opted out traditional rating system which still exists in every marketplace. Rating doesn't give an idea whether the demand can be fulfilled or not. It only gets clear by healthy communication.

Future Endeavours

Right now it's in beta stage. We included only essential features but we are constantly on move. There will be plenty of features soon be available like, iOS - Android Apps, email alerts, etc. We wanted to design the perfect system for finders and seekers. As this is on experimental stage - Many more things and benefits will be there in future.

We believe in life with freedom. Do you?

Platform for
Remote & Freelance Work
Get filtered freelance projects and remote jobs links, exclusive for designers, developers and writers.

Users Happniness

"Really, Just try it guys! It will save your precious time. I have earned a lot of money with ED. It provides leads which is very time saving."

Christina DeSilva

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